Friday, 9 March 2012

XBOX 360 is all win the PS3 a close 2nd Nintendo is not even in the picture literally-- Graeme

OH FOR THE LOVE GOD! Grow a brain, then come have a serious discussion and try again. -- Kieran

so you refuse to agree that the wii and the wii u have terrible games and terrible graphics -- Graeme

I have only ever expressed love for older generation Nintendo consoles. I do enjoy a good Wii game on the side, but I will admit that Microsoft and Sony (no matter how much I despise the latter) cornered the market in theis current generation of gamers. The biggest downfall of the Wii is attempting to rope in new customers rather than just producing games of overall quality. -- Kieran

well at least you admit that xbox is where its at.( by the way Sega genesis) -- Graeme  

Tell me something Graeme. Have you ever been as far as decided to use even want to go do look more like? -- Kieran

nice argument this is over 1 win -- Graeme

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