Monday, 23 April 2012


Well, bronies, 'Equestria Online' the fan-developed MMO based on the popular cartoon 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is no more.

Good night, sweet prince. We never knew ye.

wolfenstein 3D

released by Apogee software in 1992 wolfenstein 3D is first person shooter in which you go through a castle called wolfenstein and collect treasure and finding hidden compartments and of course killing Nazis. And this last point is where I will start the review there are about five types of Nazis that you can kill not including bosses they are the foot soldier the SS officers the German shepherds the mutant guard and the schutzstaffe guard. Each of these have different equipment and stats and the hardest of witch for me was the mutant guard. Now my game is the full version but there is a shareware release but you can only go up to the first boss in that version but in the full one there are eight bosses and a level for each and a bonus level with the ghosts from pack man chasing you While you try to gather treasure. There were hundreds of games that were based on the engine. The game its self only had a few sequels and a prequel. But there was in my opinion there was only one worth playing and that was the 2001 release return to castle wolfenstein which has been ported to just about every console that was out at the time I bought the X-box version. This game has what might be the best storyline for a fps in 2001 and can be picked up today for around five dollars. the series its self seems to have run out of ideas as you can see with the 2009 version wolfenstein. 

Free your mind...

...and your ass will follow.

Friday, 13 April 2012

can you name it?-- graeme

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Best first-person shooter of all time?

Hell yeah. Swag. -- Kieran

New Spot Incoming

I've recently acquired a smattering of miscellaneous SNES sports games (including 'Super Tennis', 'Nolan Ryan's Baseball Challenge', 'NHL Stanley Cup', 'John Madden NFL', etc...). Expect possibly humorous reviews of these and other titles some time in the near future.

                                                                                                                -- Kieran

Monday, 12 March 2012

Boredom Pt. 1 - 10pm Monday night

Graeme's ultimate shortcoming in this blog endeavor is that he is perceiving my statements of opinion as challenges for debate. And yet, this also holds positive connotation as it gives our discussions an aspect of unpredictability and keeps things generally more interesting.

On another note, it always seems that this time of night is when Windows Media Player decides to start playing the songs I have from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' on me. So... WINTER WRAP-UP WINTER WRAP-UP! LET'S FINISH OUR HOLIDAY CHEER! WINTER WRAP-UP WINTER WRAP-UP! 'CAUSE TOMORROW SPRING IS HERE 'CAUSE TOMORROW SPRING IS HERE! Swag.-- Kieran

Old-School Game Collection - A Buyer's Guide (maybe-kinda-sorta) Part 1

Yo, what up hip cats?! So I be hearin' you wantz to START a collection of da best gamez. We bee helpin' u know what ya best be lookin' fer dawgz!!!!! -- Kieran

and i will be here to add comments and keep this from going to  memes -- Graeme

Graeme's a liar. He'll be the first one of us to start posting memes, but I digress. So let's dive in shall we? -- Kieran

ya lez do it home skillet--Graeme

That sounds awful. Scissor me timbers? -- Lacey

Now, the interested among you are probably wondering, "How do I go about building a collection? Where do I start?" Honestly, there is no set place to start from. The first step is to pick your console of choice (be it the NES, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, etc.), pick a few games along with it - the "essentials" if you will - and you can build from there. -- Kieran

If you are considering starting a collection you probably already have a console that's just lying around and I would say that this would be the place to start as it will be low cost but if your heart set on an old console i would start with an n64-- Graeme

Another aspect you may want to consider is to ask yourself, "For what purpose am I collecting?" Are you after owning? Playing? Reselling? This factor will help you to determine in what condition the products you buy should be in. For example, if you just want to play the damn game, you're probably not gonna shell out $150 for a copy of 'Secret of Mana' in it's original packaging. Bargain bins and flea market shopping are often a cheap way to make some fun discoveries and acquire those beloved gems of your collection. -- Kieran

To add to that topic do you need to have your games rated if so be prepared to shell out big bucks for those cases-- Graeme

A valid point, once you get a game graded, be prepared to NEVER PLAY IT EVER. Grading is pretty much a pointless process to send away for, since there are dozens of guides on the wide world of the internet on how to assess a game's condition yourself (ie. As a collector in my own right, I feel that the grading process is unimportant and that a game's value should be in the experience of the game itself. -- Kieran

I like trains. -- Lacey

wow really Lacey  anyway as someone who actually owns graded games I can say that buying a graded game is almost useless, but it helps the resale of the game to those how only buy graded games -- Graeme

Graeme no can grammar/punctuation. Anyway we'll continue this in a future post so stay tuned friends! -- Kieran


Lacey is a Totally Productive Member of Society

Lacey, Y U NO TOPIC US?! -- Kieran

P.S. Tetris Attack, a true American classic. Wait...

Lacey Y U NO GIVE ON TO US ATOPIC WHY???!!!!!!--Graeme 

Watch out, we got a badass over here. -- Lacey

 -- Kieran  

 -- Graeme

Friday, 9 March 2012

XBOX 360 is all win the PS3 a close 2nd Nintendo is not even in the picture literally-- Graeme

OH FOR THE LOVE GOD! Grow a brain, then come have a serious discussion and try again. -- Kieran

so you refuse to agree that the wii and the wii u have terrible games and terrible graphics -- Graeme

I have only ever expressed love for older generation Nintendo consoles. I do enjoy a good Wii game on the side, but I will admit that Microsoft and Sony (no matter how much I despise the latter) cornered the market in theis current generation of gamers. The biggest downfall of the Wii is attempting to rope in new customers rather than just producing games of overall quality. -- Kieran

well at least you admit that xbox is where its at.( by the way Sega genesis) -- Graeme  

Tell me something Graeme. Have you ever been as far as decided to use even want to go do look more like? -- Kieran

nice argument this is over 1 win -- Graeme