Monday, 23 April 2012

wolfenstein 3D

released by Apogee software in 1992 wolfenstein 3D is first person shooter in which you go through a castle called wolfenstein and collect treasure and finding hidden compartments and of course killing Nazis. And this last point is where I will start the review there are about five types of Nazis that you can kill not including bosses they are the foot soldier the SS officers the German shepherds the mutant guard and the schutzstaffe guard. Each of these have different equipment and stats and the hardest of witch for me was the mutant guard. Now my game is the full version but there is a shareware release but you can only go up to the first boss in that version but in the full one there are eight bosses and a level for each and a bonus level with the ghosts from pack man chasing you While you try to gather treasure. There were hundreds of games that were based on the engine. The game its self only had a few sequels and a prequel. But there was in my opinion there was only one worth playing and that was the 2001 release return to castle wolfenstein which has been ported to just about every console that was out at the time I bought the X-box version. This game has what might be the best storyline for a fps in 2001 and can be picked up today for around five dollars. the series its self seems to have run out of ideas as you can see with the 2009 version wolfenstein. 

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